Thursday, 24 January 2008

Voices & A Century

I had a bit of gadding about to do yesterday. I drove hither and thither and upon finally arriving home I stood in my lounge and re-read a letter, in total silence. Well, almost total silence.
As I stood, reading the letter for instruction on why my new meter wasn't working, I realised I could hear voices. Or a voice rather.
I stood completely still, the voice was clearly not coming from outside but rather within the room I was in.
"Oh my god" my brain reeled in shock, "this is it, I've finally stepped over the line into total madness and am hearing voices."
I scanned the room, I may have glanced behind the TV, well you know, in case there were any elves or such. Ahem.
I heard it again. It sounded like my name.
This was serious, not only was I hearing voices, but they were talking to me.
I pondered momentarily if perhaps this was what schizophrenia was like. Does it sound like the voices are outside of your head?
I gingerly reached out my arm and picked up my cordless phone, but it was dead. No secret voices there.
I reached into my pocket and retrieved my mobile.
I have a very clever pocket that had somehow unlocked my phone and answered a call, although I don't think its conversational abilities were that great. So, I sincerely apologise to you, Steven, for being forced to converse with my pocket for a minute or so while I debated if my inherent eccentricity had dissolved into real madness.

As an aside. This is my hundredth post. I'd like a telegram please. Maybe not from the queen. I just really like the idea of receiving a telegram. Are they even sent any more? And if they are, do they still say 'stop' instead of using that useful little punctuation mark that is a wee dot? I need answers to these questions!


Craig said...

Dear Flibbertigibbet stop
I believe telegrams look a bit like this stop
Thankyou for ebay advice stop
nothing more to say stop
so I will stop stop

Flibbertigibbet said...

Ooh if I'd known that my requests would be attended to so quickly, I'd have mentioned my love of chocolate and flowers many times over!
You are more than welcome to my geek knowledge. Although, having said that, I'm just a geek, without a whole lot of knowledge!

The Tablet Widow said...

I have a similar tale involving other half, a disembodied voice, a toilet cubicle in Marks and Spencers and the reason my daughter is still referred to a The Poo Fairy.......

Flibbertigibbet said...

The Poo Fairy?
How is it possible that I do not know this story?!
You'll have to tell it you know...

Domster1974 said...

i used to dial people in my pocket all the time, and fortunately i was never doing anything dodgy at the time, just be thankful, that it was an innocent conversation with yourself lol

Flibbertigibbet said...

Most of my conversations are with myself. Or Mifford.
Is that healthy?

Domster1974 said...

Perfectly healthy lol