Monday, 14 January 2008


I've been going mad with the sewing machine and it's been brilliant.
It's also been somewhat more successful than my crocheting.
A couple of new cushions now grace my little sofa and I'm really pleased with them. I care little that they don't co-ordinate as I love their respective fabrics so much. And check out the button in the middle of the first one. I love buttons. Deeply. (Unnaturally).

This second cushion was almost completed when I needed to change the bobbin in my sewing machine. In my efforts to do so I caused havoc with the machine, somehow making loose the bobbin housing and ending up with bits of machine in my hand. Chewing my lip I did my best to put it all back together but an hour later it still wasn't working so I decided to wait until morning. So after another hour the following morning I pleaded for help. My mother came round, we agreed I'd put it back together right, I started to re-thread the machine and she pointed out I'd missed a vital point. Once I'd fixed that, ta da, a working machine. Hurrah. More sewing!

It's a crafting bonanza! This is the embroidery I mentioned yesterday. Seriously, it's cute right? I embroidered it onto calico and then made a cushion from an old tweed jacket I picked up at a jumble sale for 10p! I'm really chuffed with how it all turned out. I want to make another one now!

I've been having a huge tidy up so that I can really craft properly in my craft room, it was such chaos for such a long time I couldn't get in there to really do anything and it was frustrating. Anyway, in the tidy up I found lots of bits and pieces and lots of needles and decided to make a needle case, well I decided to make two as Mum has had hers I think, longer than I've been alive. So now she has a replacement. They're kind of cute I think!

I'm quite miniature and when I buy jeans I always have to hack the bottoms off in order not to appear as if I lost my feet in a tragic industrial accident. So, being the hoarder that I am, I kept those chopped off parts and they were perfect for the needle cases. Inside I used three pieces of counted cross stitch material, sewed it all together down the spine, added a button and a ribbon closure and bob was indeed my (fictional) uncle. I love that they're a little naive. Anyway, that completes my crafting section for today!

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