Monday, 7 January 2008


I've been meaning to post this since I was sent it some time ago.

Amusing Places

Go on, enter your UK post code and prepare to chortle...

I live close to: Butt Mound, Fanny Hands Lane, Poke Holes, Cottagers, Rimswell, Butthole Lane, Jughole Wood, Salters Lodge, Shafton Two Gates, Hole In The Wall.

Fnar fnar. Hang on. What's funny about Salter's Lodge? Is there a joke I'm not getting? Probably.

Oh, while I think of it: Check out the Liff list. I have the books The Meaning Of Liff and The Deeper Meaning Of Liff and every time I open them I'm guaranteed to have shoulders shaking with laughter within moments.
I've also found that some of my friends and I use these imaginary words in real conversation. Grimbister, Lusby, Scamblesby, Mavis Enderby and Gweek are all words I use with varying frequency.

I've spoken to a few female friends and I think that we all harbour a secret desire to be referred to as a Mavis Enderby.

Go... peruse... it's worth it, I promise!


Domster1974 said...

All women have the capacity for "irrational jealousy and hatred"


Women are curious creatures and they are as wonderful as they are irrational, and women do hold grudges longer than any other species on th planet lol

Saying that no matter how irrational, I do find women so incredibly intriguing.

Flibbertigibbet said...

I'm sure I don't know what you mean. Ahem.

Carrie said...

Well, its been a treat tonight, thank you for the laughter. It has topped off my evening finding out that my parents live very close to Butthole Lane and Crotch Crescent and only 11 miles from Bishops Itchington! And we think we have funny names in Australia! Innaloo being one. Ah well, the sheer guts of the street planners has to be admired! Keep it up Flibber, your inventivness and flair are wonderful. God, aint it wonderful being human?

Flibbertigibbet said...

Oh my that's just brilliant!
I hope I never, never tire of being entertained by these things.

I am a nightmare navigator, always quoting every single bizarre place name I can locate on the map. It never seems to amuse my fellow travellers as much as it does me.

Flibbertigibbet said...

PS: I tried to come and have a nosey at your musings but was refused entry.
Was it the pink sequinned slippers that did it?