Sunday, 24 February 2008

A Flurry Of Photos

After a very early start this morning I wasn't really ready for the world so curled up on my sofa and watched a movie, which finished around 10am. Finally feeling ready for the day I looked out the window and decided a walk was definitely on the agenda.

I headed out over the fields and was surrounded by the song of these and these, both plentiful in the skies, which were filled with cotton clouds.
After the fields, it's a world of trees and the birds were strangely quiet, with just the sound of the trees groaning gently in the strong winds. I love that all of the fragile snowdrops are out, their white bobbing heads encouraging the advance of spring.
As are the daffodils, which, whilst blurry are still gorgeous. Next time I really must remember to take my camera with me. I love my phone and most of the time, the photographs come out reasonably well in my distinctly unskilled hands, but it would be lovely to get even better. There are so many opportunities for pictures out there.
The knotted, twisted trees beg to have their photo taken. When I hear that low groan of their branches it always makes me remember the trees in The Lord of the Rings. I imagine them talking to themselves and each other, naturally wondering what they're saying. Wondering if they welcome the birds nested in their branches, or feel the same way as we do when a pigeon blocks our chimney with his abode.

This one feels as though he's been brought to his knees, and yet remains distinctly majestic. Is that possible anywhere else but nature?I think this is the treasure tree. Somewhere out there is a map that has this tree marked upon it. It has an 'X' for marking the spot, and that's definitely an arrow lower down, so somewhere off to the right, is buried the loot. For sure.
Does anyone have a spade?
So, is a wooden horseshoe as lucky as one that actually has graced the hoof of a horse? What is it about the horseshoe that makes it lucky? I should like to know!Check out the local wildlife! It's cool huh?Look at the snail trail!Last but not least, arriving home, pink faced and windswept and happy to see the lovely weeping willows that have made their home along the side of the village beck.

As an aside, I had a super time at the gig of the band below, as always. The pub was packed to bursting but so very friendly. At one point in the evening a chap dropped onto the bench next to me, turned and said "Is it always this good in here?" And you know, yes, yes it is. Whilst it's a very popular pub, it also feels a little like a well-kept secret. It's the venue of my music quiz, which is legendary, there's also jamming sessions every Sunday, and general quizzes, it's just a great place to chill out and chat. I'm starting to feel a need for a pineapple juice and lemonade, although when the barmaid knows that to be your drink of choice you may need to question the frequency with which you frequent the establishment!


Lynn said...

Lovely pics, what a beautiful place to live!

Carrie said...

Wonderful photos and that looks like an excellent walk. Lovely.

Flibbertigibbet said...

Ha... it's almost like you've never seen it. Or as if you don't live here too!

Carrie: It really is gorgeous, I feel really lucky sometimes that I live so close to nature. Although that makes me sound like a cave-dwelling hermit. ;)