Thursday, 28 February 2008

I Felt The Earth Move...

There I am, sleeping soundly when I'm sudden being shaken into wakefulness. I open my eyes in the total darkness around me, see the clock says 1am and realise not only is my bed shaking, but my room. Wait! My house is shaking. Hang on...the house is shaking??

Holy crap! It's an earthquake.

Hands gripping the duvet either side of my head I appeared not unlike this:

Mifford exhibited her usual loyalty as she ran from the bedroom as fast as her furry legs would carry her.
I was strangely unconcerned about the earthquake, not bothering to even get out of bed and just rolling over and going back to sleep. It occurs to me now that I possibly spent too much time on the earthquake simulator in the London museum.

Today, Kim and I went out for lunch, we had lots to catch up on and chat about and drove over to a garden centre that we both really like. As we drove through the village we came upon a small junction with a little red car sitting and apparently waiting. What we didn't initially notice was that the little old lady wasn't actually stopped, but rolling forward. We drew level and Kim suddenly said 'Is she going to stop?' The resulting bang that shoved us across the road indicated that she indeed did not intend to give way as the sign and road markings suggested she really ought.

So twice, in as many days, I've been bumped and shaken. And you know what?
That'll do now.

As an aside. I have arthritis. The doctor said so. And it's really bloody sore today. It hurts to type. Feel my woe.

Other random things from this week:
I was given a television, as the portable I'm currently using isn't much cop. When I turned it on, it had a languages menu which the remote wouldn't remove. So I changed the batteries in the remote. Still nothing. I changed the batteries again. Nada. I bought a new remote, assuming the first to be faulty. Well, you know what they say about assumptions. The new one didn't work either. Upon looking at the instruction booklet online, it has a photograph of an entirely different remote. Of course. I ask you!

I rented Betty Blue. On which the subtitles flickered on and off. My (very) basic knowledge of French didn't help me when the subtitles turned themselves off, so I gave up after 15 minutes.

My tights keep falling down today. Which isn't great when you're moving boxes of books.

I cut my hand washing a vase yesterday.

I cut my leg too. Not washing the vase. The cut appeared like magic.

I cut the same hand pushing the aforementioned television into the back of my car. Accident prone? Moi?

There's a large bruise on my left leg, which also appeared like magic.

On the up side. My hair feels really nice today.

Did I mention my arthritis? Did I say it's sore? I did? Well just for the record, it bloody hurts.

There is no cake or chocolate in my house. There is something deeply wrong in the world.

Today is the very beautiful Harriet's birthday. I suggested she imagine I were black and blind whilst I did a rendition of Happy Birthday, but I'm not sure she felt the Stevie Wonder vibe via text message. Although she did say I nearly made her wee, so I think that's a good thing.

I'm just listening to some mp3's, and is it just me but does it sound like Morrissey is singing "Oh Gibbon" towards the end of 'My Love Life'? Either that or I've been watching too much Monkey Business.
And, having just gone to that link I see that Jim Cronin died last year. I had no idea and feel strangely sad about that. He must have still been so young.


Carrie said...

Earthquakes in the Mother Country! Wow! Indeed, so Wow, it made the news! In Australia. Everything OK over there now? Country still in one piece? Or two now? That's one thing to say about the news, you dont get any follow-up news unless it was as exciting as the main event. So unless half of England actually broke off and is now nestling up against France, for instance, we aint gonna here 'bout it! But then I am notorious for not watching the news (all too depressing, upsets me) so am no good judge of where England is situated right now. Are you in France? Which could be good, you could walk to those marvellous patisseries for brekkie. And maybe all the boys would stop fighting over the rugby? Maybe not.

Flibbertigibbet said...

I commented that I had watched the news following the earthquake and there was a stunned silence. I never watch the news. I find that you are always informed of the stuff you need to know anyway!

We're all in one piece though still, which is a shame really as I really rather like pain au chocolat. And croissants. And baguettes. Basically baked produce is good.