Friday, 29 February 2008

Song Of The Week XII & A Wrong Number

Every time I listen to this song I just can't help but bop around. If the camera were a little less blurry and you were here I'd be almost able to point to myself in the crowd of this video doing some bopping.
How very grateful you should be that I can't do that.
Although I might have to scour youtube for other videos of Cambridge Folk Festival and see if my scarlet hair is in evidence anywhere.

So, this week, it's the delights of The Dhol Foundation. Who I love. I love Johnny Kalsi's work with Afrocelts/Afro Celt Sound System and this is superb too. If it weren't for my total lack of musical talent I might quite fancy a dhol. But then, I really fancy playing the fiddle too. I'm not great with decisions, although my neighbours might object to the dhol as it's really bloody loud. I can't remember how many decibels and wikipedia isn't helping me, nor is google, or I just haven't been tenacious enough.

The Dhol Foundation - After The Rain:

It's a damn shame that it gets cut short, but I chose this one because I can say I was there.

I just have one of those numbers. This morning. 10am
Riiiiiiing (that's the phone - in case you wondered)
Me: Hello
Mystery Caller: Hello young lady!
Me: Hello, How are you?
MC: Good thanks, you?
Me: Um, who is this?
MC: It's your father.
Me: I think you may have the wrong number as you really don't sound like my dad.
MC: Oh, I thought you were my daughter.
Me: I'm afraid not. Unless there's something my mother isn't telling me.
MC: I thought I got the right number from my mobile.
MC: Oh well, I'm sorry to have disturbed you.
Me: I'm pretty lazy and was sitting right by the phone anyway.

Do I have an abnormally high number of people mis-dialling?

An added note, I learnt something new this week. Tagalog is a language spoken in the Phillipines. But apparently there are approximately 180 languages spoken there. This fascinates me.


Carrie said...

Yep! Am fairly sure I saw you there in the audience, dancing away. Multi-coloured striped beanie? :-) Sequinned shoes? Red spangled skirt? These guys are really good, but then I have really weird taste in music too - or should I say "unconventional"? Goffy knows how unconventional, for a whole week, I made him listen to bagpipes every time he phoned me, he loved it! Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

No he didn't.

Flibbertigibbet said...

Ha! See it's the uilleann pipes that I love myself.
I love unconventional.
But I think that shows.