Friday, 15 February 2008

Song Of The Week X

I possibly have a predilection towards female artists, I'm not sure why, it's just happened that way. I do still have my love of male artists too, after all Loudon has a huge piece of my heart. It's just that I seem to own more work by women.

I saw Ani Difranco many years ago at Cambridge Folk Festival, I've said this before but one of the things I love about the festival is that I will know a number of the names on the line-up but some will be completely new to me. This is easily for me the best way of discovering new sounds that I love because, as a general rule, the things I enjoy just never get played on the radio.
Anyway, Ani was one of those artists that was completely new to me. I remember being right at the front for her set and was blown away, I thought she was excellent, she's got some great tattoos too! But more than that, I loved the lyrics, ranging from personal to political and back again. I quoted her here some time ago and there are so many other lines I love too.

Give this one a listen and afterwards I'm going to force a handful of choice lines upon you...

So here goes with a handful of lines:

"Just do me a favour,
It's the least that you can do,
Just don't treat me like I am,
Something that happened to you." - Adam & Eve

"I found religion in the greeting card aisle,
Now I know Hallmark was right,
And every pop song on the radio,
Is suddenly speaking to me,
Yeah, art may imitate life,
But life imitates TV." - Superhero

"And you won't hear me surrender,
You won't hear me confess,
'Cause you've left me with nothing,
But I've worked with less." - Dilate

"Some people wear their smile
Like a disguise
Those people who smile a lot
Watch the eyes." - Outta Me Onto You

I could go on and on, that's just one album. Truly excellent with words and I envy her, although I have no desire to be a songwriter! But her songs are more than that, they're poetry and more.

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