Friday, 1 February 2008

Song Of The Week VIII

On Tuesday evening I popped over to Manchester as a friend had bought me a ticket to see Mindy Smith. I first saw her perform at the Cambridge Folk Festival a few years ago and thought she was wonderful.
Her beautiful voice takes my breath away and the lyrics to her songs are stunning.
On Tuesday she said that sometimes you hear a song and think that it was written specifically for you, I feel that about a number of her songs and it was wonderful to be able to get to one of only three dates she was playing here in the UK.
It was a small, basement venue and it suited her perfectly. I like the intimate gigs, where you sit literally feet from the artist and where everyone is respectful as they listen quietly. I hate it when I pay to see an artist and am forced to listen to the yelled conversation of the people immediately behind me.

I digress, as always, so she's song of the week and this is such a very, very beautiful song, written about the death of her mother, but applicable to so many situations.

I hope you love it. It was hard to choose just one.

I read a review about her once, and I paraphrase, but they said what a shame it was that for someone so young she had experienced so much trauma and heartbreak, but what a benefit to us that she has written such deeply touching and personal songs about those events, for our lives are the richer for it.


Carrie said...

Lovely and very sad. Thanks Folk Lady.

Flibbertigibbet said...

You're very welcome. Some of these songs are so beautiful, I wish everyone knew them.