Wednesday, 13 February 2008


I love peas.
And Brussels Sprouts.

As a child I would eat both, readily, and I still do.
I used to even eat the pods of the peas, I just couldn't get enough.
And I'd take my sprouts raw, frozen, any way I could get them.

The season for peas is not yet upon us, I've got, in my estimation about three months before Sainsburys starts stocking their shelves with peas. Well the ones still in the pod, which are my favourite. Sainsburys are always first with peas, I don't know why this is, but I know that once they have them I only have to wait a few weeks before they're in all the others too.

There's a point to this (which is rather unusual for me).

I got peas this evening! A bag of fresh peas, in the pod. All mine. I will not be sharing, I shall selfishly be eating them all to myself.
When my mother said she had a gift for me, I had no idea it would be peas!
Peas you hear! Three months early.
I've eaten some, I want to save the others for tomorrow, but you know, the longer they're off the plant, the less sweet they become. So I'm torn between savouring them and eating them while they're at their best.

Oh the decisions...


Carrie said...

Now, I'm with you on the pea thing and green beans and hummous are just delish - but FROZEN Brussels sprouts? Do you still have your own teeth perchance? :o)

Flibbertigibbet said...

Well I AM missing a front tooth, not missing it exactly as it's been repaired, but that was actually down to a hairbrush rather than a brussel sprout.

It's lunchtime, I'm just back from the shops and I wish I'd bought hummous. Damn it. It'll have to be mango instead.

The Tablet Widow said...

Eat the peas. Hummous is delicious but evilly calorific. Eat the damn peas!!!


Lynn said...

And how did the hairbrush come to knock out a tooth, I hear you ask,...H'mmm could be confession time, lol.