Thursday, 8 May 2008

Herby Lunch

Once again the sun is shining, the sky is a brilliant blue and the trees are just so incredibly vibrant. In the cheesiest way possible it makes you smile from your head to your toes.

I had to go into town today and as it is also the day that Harriet starts late at her shop TastyVintage, I suggested that we have a slice of cake together. Which is always a good plan, whatever the weather.

We met up and sauntered into The Bail, which is the name for the uphill area of Lincoln - for those of you not in the know!
We decided against a street side cafe and opted instead to grab a sandwich and find a bench in the sunshine. Our bench was in the Roman herb garden, where there are church ruins and some herbs still grow, although I'm not sure they date back to Roman times.
It was just so lovely to be out there in the sunshine, sitting in the sun and wondering about plans for the summer.
I have a few up my sleeve that I am ruminating upon....

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