Sunday, 11 May 2008

Rambling Flora

Soon the Lincolnshire Wolds Walking Festival begins. We've selected eight or nine walks from the 50+ available over the fortnight of festival and intend to get out there and explore the countryside around us.
We're planning to go on walks around deserted medieval villages, to go on a dawn walk just as nature is awakening, to discover things we didn't know existed.
The walks vary from just half a mile up to about 15.
We're aiming to do between 3 & 8. You have to know your limits whilst pushing yourself a little.
Yesterday Rachael and I took a walk over to the next village then took the scenic route back to my house. We did around 5 miles and it was absolutely glorious out there. The trees were full of blossom and the hedges too.

It seems so early for the dandelions to have already turned from the bright yellow explosion of petals to the fluffy seedheads, begging to be picked and blown. When I was younger, and in fact to this day, when I see those lighter than air seeds floating in the breeze, I think of them as faeries. As children we would desperately try to catch them when they floated through an open window, desperate to release those faeries back into the wild!I love that the lawns, fields, meadows are scattered with the happy faces of the daisy as you stroll your way down the footpaths. They are and always have been my favourite flower, as I've said before. They're so simple and fresh. Beautiful.Today I don't have any aches at all from the ramble yesterday so I think I'm primed and ready for the walking in the Wolds. Although I haven't done any hills, and Lincolnshire is most certainly not as flat as people believe it to be!


Carrie said...

These are really beautiful photos. The daisy is also one of my favourite flowers. It is particularly nice painted in watercolours. I also love the plain brown sparrow, my favourite bird and not available in any sort of variety here in Aus! What a shame. Even daisies in the lawns are non-existent. In fact you can BUY pots of daisies in the garden centres! How's that? Weird, hey?

Flibbertigibbet said...

Thank you so much... Whilst not being anything close to a photographer, I like taking photos.

You know, believe it or not, the sparrow is pretty much my favourite bird. Some years ago now I actually wrote a brief 'story' about how much I loved them.

I have a pot of daisies on my windowsill by my sink!!