Monday, 19 May 2008

Song Of The Week XXIII

I love The Waifs, I have yet to find a song that they've done that I don't love. It's really hard to choose just one.
I find myself wanting to add a video for Bridal Train, or maybe Lighthouse Man, or London Still, possibly Service Fee or The Haircut.
Instead I've opted for the new album.

The Waifs - SunDirtWater:

Oh, and it's late because I am the world's biggest dumbass.
I'm too ashamed to share my idiocy.
Well, maybe I'm not.
I couldn't get youtube to work. Well it was working insomuch as I could see the video, but I couldn't hear anything. I knew my speakers were working fine.
So, a day or more passes, Gary came over this evening for dinner with Aggie and whilst she and I were creating some card/booklets I bemoaned my youtube troubles. He looked at it and said, "you realise you have the volume turned off on the videos?"
Uh, no, and for some reason I hadn't thought to check.
This red hair actually hides a natural brunette. Not a natural blonde as some might be about to suggest....


Domster1974 said...

Its always the simple things that tend to give you the most trouble.

I would class myself as a simple thing lol

Flibbertigibbet said...

Complication must come with the female gender then ;)

Domster1974 said...

I think its when the male and female get together it becomes truly complicated lol