Monday, 19 May 2008

Walking Festival - Snipe Dales & Jazz

Rachael and I headed out for the first walk of the Lincolnshire Wolds Walking Festival. We drove over to Snipe Dales, after my instruction we parked (briefly) in the wrong car park and decided none of the trees were offering up any kind of pay & display option and headed on to another car park which was definitely populated with walkers. The crowd of us grew to a couple of dozen and we all headed off into the park. It was really pretty, we strolled round at a good pace and ended up cutting the predicted 1 1/2 hour walk in half to 45 minutes.
We were done just in time for lunch, so Rachael and I unloaded our pack-ups and sat on a bench under the trees. My plan to have lovely cool water hadn't strictly worked as the bottle of frozen water had remained just that, ice. Not too thirst quenching.
Rachael took pity on me and offered up an apple juice.
I gratefully accepted and neglected to remember the fact my throat felt like someone had shoved a grater down there in the night.
Apple juice stings like a son of a bitch, I offer you this revelation so you need not suffer likewise.

After lunch we realised we had plenty of time before we went off to our next adventure. We decided to wander back around the walk we just did, I wanted to get some pictures and we felt we could handle a few more strides. So wander we did and it was still lovely, as I hope the pics below demonstrate!

Then it was time to head back to Rachael's, hang out for a while, grab some tea and go off to Newark to catch the last of the Jazz Festival there. We were planning on catching The Slimline Papas but after we arrived at the bar it slowly became clear that they weren't going to be playing. I guess they're still having trouble. They were replaced by a five piece band who were really very good. Some great music, but then live music always has an edge to it.

As Rachael and I sat in the bar I saw a woman who looked familiar to me, I mulled over and over how I could possibly know her. Eventually I decided that she must have shared a ward with me, during my stint in hospital.
I tried to decide whether to say hello or not but after a wander to the bar the woman's husband turned to me and asked if I was from Lincoln. I wandered over, explained I knew I recognised them. Then they explained they knew me too. And why.

I used to do a paper round for them, as a teenager.
So, it's been twenty years and they still recognise me.
Which is both good and bad.

I haven't changed.
Which is both good and bad.
Although he gestured at the red hair and said "you didn't used to have this then though!"
Hurrah, something has changed at least!

Running Total (should that be walking total?)
Miles Walked: 4
Miles Walked This Festival:4


Anonymous said...

Most excellent pics.......sometimes I miss the green green grass of home.....he says, whilst writing this comment from deep in the Central African jungle! haha


Domster1974 said...

You have a great eye, and the other one is just fabulous too ;op

Flibbertigibbet said...

Goffy: Thank you! I'm starting to wish that I had a better understanding of the art of photography. Can't be jungle for too much longer... almost time to trip across an ocean?

Domster: With this squint it's hard to see both ;)

Domster1974 said...

I will get closer then, and squint too