Saturday, 10 May 2008

Picnic On The Green

Last week I sat and thought about the fact that the sun was shining.

I realised that although I've got quite a lot planned for this month, I wasn't really doing much to make the most of the glorious weather.

I also thought that it seemed to be getting harder and harder to find time to spend with my friends. The sun is out, we should be making the most of it!

But instead, in small groups we trot round to each others houses infrequently for barbecues - which is lovely - don't get me wrong, but what happened to the big social events?

Why aren't we out in the parks having a laugh the way we did when we were younger?

So, this year I want a picnic.

Just a moment from my house is the lovely village green:

It's about time we made use of it. That picture's a few years old now and some of the trees have matured, which means you get sunshine and shade. The weeping willows run along the edge of the beck, which is usually at a perfect height for paddling and splashing.
There are ducks to feed and fun to be had.

So on June 21st this year, just after my birthday I'm inviting my friends, family & neighbours, their friends and family to join me on the green for a picnic.

I want everyone to be able to bring along their circle of friends. We all get to hang out with the people we like to spend time with, children get to play together whilst adults soak up the sun and cremate things on barbecues.

We also get to chat to new people, catch up with old friends, thrash each other in swingball tournaments, kick a ball about, and whatever other outdoor games are out there.
Croquet anyone?

I hope that lots of people can make it and that we all have a really wonderful day.

On the offchance it rains - we can at least see the pub from the green...


Domster1974 said...

You live is a picture perfect postcard world ;op

Flibbertigibbet said...

It is! It's such a gorgeous village. I'm blessed! :oD

Domster1974 said...

Blessed in many ways ;op

Carrie said...

You make it sound so gorgeous! Can I come? :o) I live in Australia, we know how to cremate things on barbeques out here! I could bring my considerable skills in this area? Tempted?

Flibbertigibbet said...

It IS gorgeous! Consider yourself on the guest list! Oh imagine if you could come!

Have a bbq with veggie food is great. I never risk food poisoning and blood never seeps. I get to be cocky.
Oh wait, I am anyway.