Friday, 2 May 2008

Song Of The Week XXI

New Model Army - 51st State:

It's a funny thing, on first hearing New Model Army I wasn't really moved.
I sometimes wonder if you need a certain song to really hook you before you can fully appreciate the rest of their music.
I think this would probably be the song that hooked me.
I'm not, as I've mentioned previously, very political at all. But there's something about this song that brings out the patriot in me.
I love it anyway and it's guaranteed to rattle the speakers in the car every time it swings round on a CD.


Stuart said...

I love New Model Army. Perhaps I was the person to get Stephanie to appreciate them more. They are definitely unique. The most annoying thing people say to me is, "Are they still going?". Well yes they are! Infact they just seem to get better with age and have a vitality that many new bands sadly lack.

But onto something different...

Portishead have realased a new album which takes a bit of listening to. It's gone in some ways in the direction Radiohead has. I'm not too sure what to make of it yet. It hasn't grabbed me, but nor has it turned me off them either. It has rekindled my love of their earlier stuff though. When they brought out Dummy you could hear it everywhere on TV. Just like when Play came out for Moby. That's a superb album too. Anyway back to Portishead, and perhaps one of the most beautiful songs written. A song with sadness , depth and grandeur.

Let this be song of the week!

Flibbertigibbet said...

You know, that is a really great choice, I am adding that to the list!

I love that album and am just wondering how it has escaped being ripped. Most odd.