Thursday, 20 September 2007

Animal Magnetism

I've got my old magnetism back. When I stepped out of the barn today the air was filled with birds, I think they were swifts. I get my swallows, swifts and martins confused. I think it's the martins anyway.
There were dozens of them in the sky though, all congregating on the barn roof, the air was thick with them, almost like a swarm of midges. I stood and watched them for a while, they seemed joyous somehow.

I eventually hopped into my car and headed off for home, which is a mission on that barn road, whilst concentrating on missing all the pot holes you also have to be sure that suicidal pheasants aren't waiting in the hedgerow to throw themselves against your vehicle. As I approached the final field a hare decided to zig-zag it's way along the road in front of me. I love the way it looks like they've had their ears somewhere really dirty with those black tips. I then noticed that field was filled with pheasants, maybe a hundred of them. The thing is, they're safe in the field, but upon seeing a car they feel this need to cross. However today, it was just a partridge tempting fate, the pheasants stayed put, although I think all the wild animals are in collusion. As I passed the field of pheasants and was breathing a sigh of relief that none of the pheasants sitting proudly on the fence decided to fly at the car, a squirrel ran into the road. I'm sure I heard the pheasant chuckling behind my back.

I have never been so pleased to see the main road. I set off and whizzed along. Then a lovely ginger tomcat decided that he fancied a race with my car. Why me? Why?! He was faster than my lovely Rover thank goodness but I'm not looking forward to being out on the road tomorrow.

On a random soapbox moment: I do wish the people next door had asked if I minded if they put all their excess recycling in my bin before they did it. Now I can't get all my stuff in. It's really pissed me off! And breathe....


Anonymous said...

Maybe you just bring the animal out? They see you and lose all perspective and sense. The must be male lol

Recyc the neighbours, Kill them all, for there presumptuousness.

Anonymous said...

That was me above