Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Bug On The Windscreen

I spent the whole weekend with my feet up. It's very difficult to live like this without a housekeeper. In a previous life I was plainly a lady of the manor.
Anyway, to rest my decidedly sore foot I decided to stop walking on it as that seemed to upset it quite a lot.
I am now completely up to date with the second season of The Secret Life Of Us, which I love by the way.
I also, finally, got to start watching Heroes. I'm loving it - I'm completely behind the times, I realise this - but that's pretty usual for me.
On Sunday I had the fortuitous timing to catch the last episode of Lost that I'd seen and the following one that I hadn't. I rather gave up on Lost, as it seemed, no pun intended, to have lost its way and not only could I not tell what direction it was going in, I no longer cared. However, a couple of questions on the TV Trivia quiz on facebook piqued my curiosity and I'm going to give it another go.

Today, as I was driving to the barn a bug landed on my windscreen as I stopped at a junction. I pulled out and it stayed there, I accelerated and still it remained. Its little wings started to shudder and its body got closer and closer to the windscreen as it clung on. As I reached the speed limit it was shaking with the force of gravity upon it. It occurred to me that that is just what my life is like. It's all going a little too fast and I can't get off. You spend half the time just clinging on as the world seems to spin out of control. I am a bug on the windscreen of life. Oh yes.

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