Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Smarter Than I Thought

All of these little flies are driving me mad. I don't know where they come from. I do know they like hanging out around my bananas. I am wishing all manner of death upon them but still they appear from thin air.
So, I bought a Venus fly trap. I positioned it right next to the bananas. And how many flies have been fooled into walking into those gaping mouths? None. There the plant sits, all of its mouths gaping like a nest of hungry chicks and the flies avoid it like the plague.
I mean surely the plant is supposed to smell better than a bunch of bananas? Aren't they flies supposed to be unable to resist the temptation?
Apparently not, either that or they're smarter than I thought.
So last night, I found myself attempting to catch flies in order to feed them to the plant. I didn't want the poor thing to lose heart! Maybe it was starting to doubt its fly catching prowess and was losing confidence. Turns out that fly catching is harder than you might imagine, they're swift little devils. But still, the lucky plant is digesting two little flies as we speak. The other mouths still gape. I hope it does better than this in the wild.

On another note, I'm waiting in for a friend to drop round some old library storage. I'm unnaturally excited by storage. But that might purely be the sheer quantity of books I'm trying to house.

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