Tuesday, 11 September 2007

A Key, A Key, My Kingdom For A Key

I arrive at the barn and go to unlock the doors, then notice my car key fall to the ground, swiftly followed by the key to my mother's house. There has been some definite key ring failure so I reattach the keys, the racking is deposited and we raise dust clouds on the barn road as we leave.
Music blaring (because you can't listen to The Dhol Foundation quietly) I pull up at my house, close the sunroof (because the windows don't work) and go to enter my house. Only there's a problem. There's no house key on my key ring.
I contemplate this for a moment, ponder the fact I'm wearing a skirt and whether I want my neighbours to see my pink pants as I climb through a window. Then realise that due to the previous incident I am without a spare key anyway. So even if I were to be able to gain entry - with or without serious humiliation - I'm still locked in.
So back into the car for the drive back to the barn, fingers seriously crossed and all the while wishing I hadn't parked where the really long grass is. Also wishing that the key were one of those bright shiny silver ones. Not something that looks like silver which hasn't been cleaned in the last millennium.
No sign of it at the barn, I realise it's going to be a hands and knees job, when suddenly, glinting at me from a patch of grass is the name of my letting agent. I forgot it had its own keyring. So here I sit, ensconced in my own home, without having shown random strangers my underwear.
Although I think it might be time to get a spare key cut. Just in case.


Domster1974 said...

Keys are strange things. I have visited three places in my life, where keys are just no needed, as houses are in family safe areas, so they just leave the house open, even at night. Which I admit kind of freaked me out a little. I get a minor pang of OCD, when I go to bed, and double check I am securely locked in.

I decided I needed a log in, so I got one, that way I do not need to Stick D, Anonymous D, or Dom.

That way you know my random comments are me.

i am a little distance from my own blog, but am having a great time reading yours x

Flibbertigibbet said...

Should I admit that I don't recall the last time I locked my door at night?
Something about living in an area with a crime rate of zero makes you a little blase.

Thank you, sincerely

Domster1974 said...

thats cool, but maybe you should play that fact down in case there are blogging burgulars reading this?

It takes alsorts of bloggers to make the world go round