Thursday, 13 September 2007

Slip Slop

I finally got round to planting up my pansies to sit outside my front door.
Feeling pleased with myself I trundled down the drive and suddenly felt a sharp pain in my right foot. I assumed that I'd got a piece of gravel inside my flip flop and carried on with a little limp, then realised that my flip flop was more slip slop. I looked down and my pretty pink and white flip flops were a distinct shade of scarlet. A lovely sharp stone had pierced not only my flip flop, but my foot also.
I'm not renowned for my ability to cope with blood, whether it's my own or someone elses.
I hopped my way up the stairs, put the plug in and ran the cold tap, inserted my injured foot and lo and behold a scene from Jaws was recreated in my bathtub. I wasn't the greatest fan of that movie. (As my water phobia is a testament to now.)
My foot hurts damn it.

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