Thursday, 17 April 2008

Dakota Jamming

On Tuesday night I trotted along with the boys to their jam session at Metheringham Music Factory. As I have absolutely no talent - musically, I obviously sit on the sofa and observe. Seriously, some years ago I was given a tin whistle, after thirty minutes of instruction was advised to put it down, keep it as an ornament and never play it again. It's that bad. And as for my singing. It gives you shivers, in the worst way possible.
Anyway, there I sat being sung and jammed to. It's like a private party!
I had the task of taking photographs of the boys with one or two of the cameras present and discovered the video option.
The result of my film-making is below, and I'm sure you'll agree I have a future in the film industry. Ahem.
However, this was my Tuesday evening:

They have yet to decide on a band name, and quite frankly, are taking longer than a woman choosing shoes.
They're sounding good together so it's time for a name boys!

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