Sunday, 6 April 2008

More Tiles & Magic

I'm just home from another night in town. I've discovered that this being teetotal lark can really make for a very cheap night.
Ha! I AM a cheap date!

Once again I could be found installed in The Tap & Spile. Not that I'm predictable or anything. We stood at the bar and ordered drinks. (I just typed drunks by mistake, imagine ordering drunks, what would you do with them? Other than laugh, obviously! No wait, you'd be laughing AT them, not WITH them.) Whilst being in relatively flat shoes, I still cast my eye around for a place to sit and noticed three gents sitting in a corner and hoarding two apparently empty chairs. I made my way over...
"Is anyone sitting here?" I politely asked.
"Yes" replied the middle gent, "You!"
Hurrah, a seat to rest my (not) aching feet.

Walter appeared again, the local elderly magician. He made his way over to our table and proceeded to entertain us with his magic. I still don't understand the card tricks, the gents at the table suggested the cards were marked, but I didn't see that! Walter leant in, asked me to keep the bed warm and grinned. I gave him a wink and promised I'd do just that. He stood up straight, looked at the gents and announced he was on a promise. He then leant in again and enquired as to whether I was on the pill and would we be ok? If only he didn't use the same lines on all the women in the pub I might feel special!
We all dropped coins into Walter's collection tin and off he went to the next table. Although he did return later to ask me if I was ready to go and nodded his head towards the door. I pulled!

A couple of the gents headed out to the smoking area and we chatted to the remaining gent, who advised us they were largely retired RAF guys, once stationed in Texas (one of the three was definitely sporting an American twang) and we swapped tales of Texas, although he appeared only to be a fan of the bargains to be had in Walmart, not the place itself!
He leant in a little and said conspiratorially that they'd never actually been to the moon. I felt the world of the conspiracy theory open in front of me. I'm quite the fan of conspiracy theories, but I may just have spent too much time reading Fortean Times in years gone by.

I had a really splendid evening, in fact I had a splendid evening last night and a super day today. Splendid and super all round. Hurrah old chap what ho!

I went to the auction today and didn't spend a penny. Not one. Despite the fact that three pieces of Sylvac sold for £8 and I had to sit on my hands.
And, they were three pieces I don't already own.
AND they were green.
And breathe.
I love Sylvac I do.

As a total aside. I wish someone could tell me the mathematical equation for figuring out the radius or diameter of a circle when you only know the circumference. I'll just have to Google it, but I actually woke up this morning thinking about it. I couldn't get Pi out of my head but could only remember it was 3.14, not how it related to anything. That'll serve me right for saying I'd never need to use it.
This is what comes of trying to make a skirt with no pattern. Maths is needed. Damn it.
However, I've just realised it's almost 1am and trying to remind myself of mathematical equations is a really bad idea. Actually it's a bad idea at any time of day.


Tablet Widow said...

Nice to see I'm not the only one hanging out in pubs with ageing airmen.......
Miss the Real World badly this time!!

Anonymous said...

Hello....Goffy here.

In answwer to your circular conundrum.

Circumfrence = Pi x Diam
Therefore transpose the formulae
you get
Circumfrence divided by Pi = Diam.

Hope this helps!
Always ask a draughtsman :o)

Lynn said...

Well fancy that, oooh Walmart, I'll be there soon, lol.

Flibbertigibbet said...

T.W.:The Real World? What's that then?
Like the magnet on my fridge says: "I know I'm in my own world, it's ok, they know me here".

Goffy: You Sir, are a star. You'll be so very impressed with my skirt when I've made it and uploaded pics, and it wouldn't be possible without your mathematical knowledge! :)

Mum: Show-Off!