Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Not really. As if we'd ever win the legendary Tap & Spile pub quiz. Although we didn't do too shabbily and didn't come last either. Although it would have been tough to beat the 4 1/2 points by the guys on the table next to us. We only had 70 more than them.

I heard two lads complain about not being alive in 1985 and how were they supposed to know anything about Live Aid if they weren't even born. Damn them. They were very funny actually as were the shit scorers!

Rachael and I were talking on Saturday - when we were in the Tap - I do seem to spend rather a lot of time in there it would seem! Anyway, she was questioning whether Lincoln was a friendly, sociable town. I asserted that it definitely was, but it depended a lot on where you went. If you go to the Tap, or the Brewer, even The Still, then absolutely it's friendly. People talk to one another, random chats occur for no reason other than conversation. If you hit the "High Street" pubs then I think the atmosphere is so vastly different, people aren't as interested in chatting for the sake of conversation, which is probably why you'll never find me there. I don't think that the Tap could ever be described as anything but friendly.

The table to the right of ours this evening was home to a young lady wearing a huge 21st badge, apparently waiting for some friends. A couple came along and asked if they could share the table, she nodded and they sat down. Within moments they were together as one team in the quiz. I'm just not sure that would happen in those High Street pubs. Similarly, Rachael and I did the general quiz and absorbed a woman who was waiting for friends into our team. It just makes your evening so much more enjoyable!

On an unrelated note... A number of the fields on the road approaching my wee village are full of daffodils, so as you drive down the road there are seas of yellow. A few days ago as I drove home, a fine mist of rain was falling and I watched a rainbow start to develop, apparently bursting straight from a daffodil field. I watched as the arc grew and grew, then the other end became visible and the two ends stretched to meet, high in the sky and I remembered my wonderment on rainbows when I was younger. I always imagined that rainbows would be tangible, that if you were able to get close you would be able to feel them and that they'd feel like the softest of blankets. I dreamt that you would be able to slowly climb the arc and then slide down again, cushioned within it. I always imagine riding rainbows every time I see them, never fails to make me smile.


Domster1974 said...

Now, i tend to find pubs are defined by the loudness of the music, if it is loud then it is not a conversation pub or a social pub, its a superficial pulling pub, no music is all about the words, and some low but good music is the best quality I find, you get a nice mix of people.

Rainbows, I love the idea of a warm blanket of rainbow, its sounds so cosy

Flibbertigibbet said...

These days I really tend to prefer the social pubs, I want to be able to chat, and not just to my friends, but to random folk as well. It's just so much more interesting. And, to be honest, enriching.
New folk are fun!

Rainbows have that cosy feel to them don't they? They're just so happy. Don't they make everyone jolly?

Domster1974 said...

I would guess so, but not being an authority of everyone or rainbows, who knows, there could be some weird cult of rainbow haters out there.

the world is after all a very messed up place