Wednesday, 23 April 2008

St Georges Day

I've lost St. George and the Union Jack
It's my flag too and I want it back
- Roots by Show of Hands

Today is St Georges Day.

Not that you'd really know it. I'm not really very political but I do sincerely believe that it should be a national holiday. I'm English and I'm proud to be so. It seems such a shame that we don't celebrate it.
I was over at and I added my vote to the count.
As I voted yes the current results came onto screen, over one million people want it to be recognised. Approximately 45,000 don't. I'd love to know why not.

Upon reading a little today about St Georges Day, I noted that it used to be a day of major feasting, not unlike Christmas. So what happened?

Come on, the dude slayed a dragon. Let's give him some respect!
But seriously, as the song Roots up there at the beginning talks about, we do need to know about our roots; where we came from.
I am currently reading a biography of Boudica and it's fascinating, but it has brought about in me a deeper dissatisfaction for the education system. Not nearly enough is taught about our history, or at least it wasn't in my schooldays and I think that's a terrible shame. We have so much history, going back so many thousands of years and it is being neglected.
It saddens me.

I'm on a mission to, slowly, learn more. Boudica has been fascinating. And obviously the fact she was a strong red haired women doesn't hurt in endearing her to me.

So... Happy St Georges Day!


Anonymous said...

Truly a most excellent blog by a fellow patriot!

If St George himself had ever visited England (which he never did) or could even read or speak English (which, apparrently he couldn't) then I'm sure that he would have enjoyed it himself! :o)


Flibbertigibbet said...

I took a bow, thank you!

Is St. George the right choice? Really? Was it just the dragon slaying that got him in?