Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Think Before You... almost anything.

I should live by this. Unfortunately I'm more of the school of acting now, thinking later. This doesn't work for me and yet I never change.

Last week I sat doing my friends nails. I was doing a silk wrap on all her nails, it's been quite a while since I attempted such a thing, but dug out my resin, resin activator and silk. We were ready for action.
Only the resin didn't seem to be flowing. I shook it. Nothing much happened. I removed the tip and it looked as though the top of the resin bottle didn't a little cutting off.
So, instead of reaching for the scissors, I put it in my mouth.
You see, this is where the thinking before acting would have been useful.
So I bit, with my molars, the tip of the resin bottle.
The resin is not unlike superglue, the activator serves to sort of make it set instantly.
Anyway, there I am, biting the tip of the resin bottle. I noticed a strange taste and sensation.
I had partially glued my tongue to my teeth. And created quite a lump of resin on my teeth.
I'm a genius me.
I managed to detach my tongue (without any pain miraculously) and then proceeded to pick at the lump of resin, which had flowed in between my teeth, to both sides and along the biting edge. I can't tell you how tempting it is to tell about the occlusal, distal and mesial aspects of my teeth that were affected.
I picked and picked and only tiny pieces of resin parted. I found my floss, which had little effect. I went and brushed my teeth. Nothing.

I'm free of the resin now, and my teeth are once again smooth.
The only thing is, I'm left with this feeling that I haven't learnt my lesson.

On the upside, I did finish the nails and they weren't half bad!


Domster1974 said...

You are a genius, and I love you for it x

I love your world, its so wonderful

Lynn said...

Now why aren't I even a little bit surprised????

The upside is that you always make me laugh!


Flibbertigibbet said...

Domster: It is a pretty wacky world. I've been watching some Ally McBeal. I'm not sure it's right that I totally understand that world.

Mum: And the other upside is, that as I never learn, there's an infinite supply of laughs!

Domster1974 said...

It may not be right, but it is better world, and I think its so delightful