Friday, 10 August 2007

Just A Normal Day

After a few manic days I thought maybe I'd have a lazy day. I lounged in front of the pc catching up on a few things and having a chat or two. Finally dragged myself into the shower around lunchtime and was pondering what to wear when Paul rang and suggested we go out for lunch. Which is always a suggestion I'm open to! So, after Paul harrassing me through the letterbox to hurry up and dress we headed over to Newark and the delicious food at Gannets.

I always promise myself I'll have something other than the potato skins & salad and I always break that promise to myself. Seriously, they're just so damn good.

We wandered around Newark and headed home with an ice cream.

When I got home Glen had already arrived and ready for an Air Hockey match or several. Except I was sure that the table would just comfortably fit through the door, be set up in the kitchen and we'd be away. My cottage appears to have small doorways. Damn that cottage. So, we played in the drive. With legs balanced on a flip flop and a piece of wood. Turns out gravel isn't too stable. Who knew?! No real injuries were sustained, but a puck to the knuckles - it smarts a little.

After beating me easily Glen scootered off and I jumped in the shower, the combination of the sun and air hockey makes you a little warm. I've always said that if they had air hockey and ceilidhs at the gym I'd go!

Mum rang and begged a favour, then Paul rang and asked if I wanted to go blackberrying. So I trotted off with Paul, grabbing my spare key as I was too lazy to grab my proper keys from upstairs. We gathered a nice amount of blackberries, suffering only minor injuries, despite Paul's almost fall into a large bramble patch, although I do seem to have thorns embedded in a thumb. As Paul went to drop me off at Mum's we smelt chips cooking on the drive past the local pub and agreed that a chip supper was in order. So a few minutes later we arrived at my mothers, complete with chips and stuffed our faces. Then it was time to assist my mother with her favour, showering a dog. Yeah, that's just as much fun as it sounds. Bless the poor mite, she's got a skin condition and is a bit manky and stinky. So on with the shampoo and Penny was understandably thrilled. I wish I had a photo of her all lathered up, but all I have is this blurry image of her post-shower, and my word she looks ecstatic:

After her bath I started getting more concerned about the fact I couldn't find my house key. We checked the car and the outside of my house and I think that key is now at one with the brambles. Excellent.
So, I went round to my new neighbours, who have only recently moved in, introduced myself - Hi, I'm Stephanie and I appear to have dropped my house key in a bramble bush, do you mind if I fanny around on your lawn and try and climb through my dining room window? I think I made a wonderful first impression. The man of the house, Brian, offered to climb through the window on my behalf. I knew my house keys were sitting on my laundry basket in the bathroom, on a bra, so I toyed with the possible embarrassment associated with this and held it against the humiliation of falling head first through my dining room window with an audience. I said he could go. At which point Paul appeared, and took over the climbing through said window. Hurrah, access was granted.
I grabbed my Betty Page wallet and we headed for the pub. And you know, I managed to get there - and back - without incident. No mean feat.

But when I woke up this morning, the phone rang and as I leapt out of bed I got cramp in my right calf. I'm limping around like the walking wounded and I've got boxes to move. I ask you. Just a hint of a simple life? Is that too much to ask?! Ah but then I'd be bored. Impossible to please? Moi?


Domster1974 said...

You just have way too much fun young lady!

Flibbertigibbet said...

Ah you know, life is short!