Friday, 3 August 2007

Almost Roadworthy

I dropped in to the local garage, asked them about my car, and was told to bring it in so they could give it the once over. So last night I dropped it off. I told him the windows didn't work and he said 'Don't Care' I guess they don't matter for an MOT. He said he'd look at it so I could decide what I wanted to do.
Then this morning at 8.15am he rang to ask where the spare wheel was, I explained how I'd shredded a wheel in a pot hole incident. He said he wanted it, so I offered to drop it in as I went past at 10.15am. That was fine. Or so he said.

At 9.15am as I sat in my gorgeous pyjamas there was a knock at the door, I skipped down the stairs, saw Mum's car out the window, assumed it was her and opened the door. At that point I also remembered that I'd driven Mum's car to mine and therefore Mum most definitely hadn't driven it. So there stands the garage guy. I immediately question my decision to answer the door in my gorgeous pyjamas, but he seems to care just as much about my attire as he does for my broken windows.
He says 'I need your wheel'.
'But it's not here, it's at my mother's house.'
'Where is she?'
'Round the corner - the white house'
'Ring her and tell I'm coming will you'
Followed by a swift exit.

I ring my mother. Answerphone. I ring again. Answerphone. I ring her mobile. Answerphone. I ring her home line again. Answerphone.

Panic sets in. I fling on clothes faster than is natural and dive out the door, into the car and speed round the corner. I see garage man - Len, rolling my tyre down the drive, so I turn the car round and go home. The entire journey took about thirty seconds. My neighbours must have wondered what the hell I was doing.

Anyway, suddenly, my decision about having the work done on the car was out of my hands. Apparently I was having the work done, Len had decided. So I spent the rest of the day panicking about the cost of the brake discs being sorted, the new wipers, the new tyres and everything else. Anyway, my car is safely home with me for not a whole lot of money really. Now I just need to wait for the new V5 to finally wend its way through my letterbox.

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