Sunday, 5 August 2007

Cold Tubbing

I went for a bbq at Mum's tonight and finally got round to helping her change the cover for the hot tub after the previous one was damaged. So the cover is all changed. But the honeysuckle was overhanging so that got hacked back, the warm bubbly water is just not the same when there are dead leaves falling in your face constantly. Then into the tub to clean out the leaves and the remaining water. No problem.

All sorted and time to fill it up. So there I sit with the hose pipe, it was almost meditative watching the water level slowly rise, the jets slowly cover over, the water inching its way up the tub. It gets to a little over half way and I ask Mum at what point you can turn it on. She says she thinks it's fine to start it up now. She saunters over to the switch and flips it on. It gurgles into life and the filter starts to grumble. She comes back to the tub and wonders if maybe it should remain switched off until the water level is over the filter.
She starts to press the buttons.
She hits the button marked 1.
Nothing much happens.
She hits the button marked 2.

Water spurts from all of the jets. This hot tub seats about five. That's a lot of jets. It may have rivalled the Bellagio. Which looks beautiful. Unfortunately when you're sitting atop the hot tub and the water is very cold you don't spend that long looking at the jets as they soak you through your clothes. I flung my legs over the side of the hot tub, noticing Mum running fast in the opposite direction. I ran down the steps as fast as I could and away from the demonic jets. And apparently I also forgot to drop the hose pipe.... and shot my mother in the back with it. I was absolutely drenched, under and outer wear stuck to my skin, hair dripping, mouth agape. Mum was laughing somewhat hysterically and the giggles overtook me.

I peeled off my clothes and filled the rest of the tub perched on the edge in a towel. I'm so cool. I told Mum she had to drive me home. Because walking through the village in a pink towel? I think not. I must have lost my sense of adventure.


Domster1974 said...

You are too cool my dear, nothing like cold tubbing.

The pink towel just sets the story of to a tee, and yes you are losing your sense of adventure, I expected more ;op

Flibbertigibbet said...

The thing is, I've seen myself in a towel.. and I don't want to be sued for causing severe mental distress to fellow villagers!