Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Feeling Good

Some time ago I did a blog entry about things that feel good and there's a definite addendum to the list I created.

Sitting in the hot tub with it bubbling away at 38 degrees, feeling very pleasantly toasty but with a fine mist of cool rain falling on your face as you tilt it towards the sky. That really feels very good indeed.

What doesn't feel quite so good is realising that you left your towel, phone and cardigan on the chair by the hot tub. None of which are particularly waterproof.

Now, if someone would just turn down my bed, make me a hot chocolate and tuck me in, I'd be sorted. Unfortunately, Mifford may be a great cat, but her skill base is somewhat limited and her willingness to learn new skills, well she has none. It might be something to work on...


Anonymous said...

Hello! Told you I'd drop by. I had a professor at University who spent the majority of his lectures talking about the amazing abilities of his cats. He claimed, among other things, that when he arrived home each day the cats had put Radio 2 on and were sat around listenibng to Terry Wogan or someone. This man was (is) mad, however, so it may have been completely untrue or imagined. He used to walk into lectures and take an alarm clock and a banana out of his bag. Halfway through the lecture the alarm would go off, he would stop talking and eat the banana. He would then continue as though nothing had happened. This professor is fairly well known and has published several books on poets (one in particular) of the Romantic period. See - I ramble too!
Best wishes,

Flibbertigibbet said...

Ramblings are definitely most welcome, and I thank you for your visit!
I think I love your professor! I like to believe I'm a little on the eccentric side, but that's the sort of eccentricity I can only aspire to!
You leave me intrigued as to his identity now. I shall be checking my poetry section! Or rather biography section?

Domster1974 said...

I find Christmas carols therapeutic, but definitely more fun the further away from Crimbo