Friday, 31 August 2007

Not All Magnolia Is Created Equal

The last two days there has been a gentleman in my bathroom. He has been attempting a repair of my ceiling. My bathroom is lovely and large but has a sloping ceiling, under which the shower sits, close to the ceiling. Strangely this causes the paper on the ceiling to come loose and attempt to join you whilst you shower. So, now all paper has been removed and the ceiling finished off beautifully with just plain paint, which suits me perfectly. As the gentleman in question was removing the paper and repairing the ceiling a few small areas of the walls got damaged, so he kindly touched those areas up with a magnolia paint. Although he got a little carried away and ended up painting quite large patches.

Now, I dye my hair regularly so that it reaches this shade of red:

However, this means that there are splashes of bright red dye splattered in various spots. I asked if it was possible to spot some more magnolia over those areas, he kindly did so.

He's been gone about an hour now and I realise that he was using a matt emulsion, the rest of the walls are silk. It's amazing quite how much it stands out. And the polka dot effect I suggested looks, er, um, brilliant. Ahem.

I think this means I have to go shopping for some magnolia paint in order to sort out the whole room. Excellent. Either that or live with a bathroom that appears to have been painted by a pre-schooler.

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