Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Back To Normal

How very refreshing. Normality is restored.
I cut myself twice whilst preparing my tea tonight.
I walked into a box yesterday and scraped my leg.
Whilst trying to sort out my garden (read: jungle) at the weekend I grasped more than a couple of nettles and later cut my finger on the fence.
I also hit myself in the head with the rake.
Oh and I also have a cut on my other leg - origin unknown.

I'm not sure how I could be more accident prone and I possess no real desire to find out. Still, at least I favour the less severe injuries as a general rule so that's not so bad.

In another respect life is far from usual. My friends Paul and Lesley used to live just a couple of houses away, but they've sold up, ready for a move to Wales. It's really strange not being able to just pop down the road and knock on the door to make a nuisance of myself. I met Paul many moons ago in the world of Love @ Lycos, a short while later he met his wife Lesley there too, and we've remained friends since. I was even a tenant in that house a few yards down the road when they went to run a pub for a while. When I was looking for somewhere new to live, this cottage being available was an absolute fluke and probably the easiest move I've ever done. Paul is still local as they wait for the sale to complete on the house they're buying but when they're both completely ensconced behind the Welsh border it's going to be so strange.
Admittedly there will be less torment and abuse, and definitely less talk of hi-fi. There will be a lack of someone jumping out at me when I'm not expecting it (and when I am) because he finds it hilarious to scare me half to death.
But, it's also unlikely that I'll come home to find cat toys, peas and random items stuck in my letter box.
I'm sure the new people are lovely, but I can't go round now and steal pears and apricots damn it. And I don't think they'd be entirely keen on my hanging my washing on their line. Although Paul did give me a washing line of my very own, which I have yet to install. The fence posts are high up! And I'm somewhat low down!
I shall miss them both dearly, even though I have promised to inflict my presence upon them. It just won't be the same around here.

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