Friday, 24 August 2007

Summer Walking

My Dad came over to see me today, we'd agreed that we'd take a walk over to my barn. I've never walked it before and I fully expected to need bringing back home on a stretcher. It was 6-7 miles and it's been a good while since I properly strode out and walked that sort of distance, even though it's not really that far. Too much time is spent with my beloved books in front of the computer.

So I put on sensible shoes, was sensibly attired and I even remembered to take water. Dad had his raincoat as the skies looked ominous. Obviously I forgot my umbrella. However after a couple of miles it became clear that it was most definitely not going to rain. Not unless it's possible for rain to fall from a completely clear, bright blue sky. Was I wearing suncream? No. Excellent. More lobster skin in the offing. It was actually a really nice walk, then I realised that my sensible shoes were rubbing and my heels were sore. Eventually the barn appeared in all its remote loveliness. I would have run, but you know, my heels hurt. However I did fling my arms out and hug as much of the barn door as was possible. And that barn has some serious doors:

On removal of the sensible shoes I had blisters on both heels and the return journey to look forward to. Hurrah.
The way home was much less fun. Surprisingly. Despite my inventive blister protection, which I'm considering patenting.

After posting out the books and setting off on the final mile home, I contemplated if my tender feet would stand up to pavement, but chickened out. Did that once before after a night on the town, when I'd worn heels all night. As I stumbled into my friend, Rachael's house it appeared, from the miniature bloody footprints that I'd stood on glass.

That last mile was hard. But it has left me with the beginnings of a list:
Skills that Mifford really needs to work on:
  • Making hot chocolate/herbal tea.
  • Foot and calf massage.
  • Baking.
  • Running a bath.

Something tells me she still does not have the required interest in attaining any of these skills, as batting me in the face in a morning is just enough for her.

The hilarious thing? I'm 32. My Dad is officially an OAP and he was just fine. He had a heart attack back in 1998, I found out on my birthday and it wasn't the best gift. But, he had a quadruple heart bypass and his fitness levels? Well, he shames me. What will I be doing tomorrow? Hobbling around. What will Dad be doing tomorrow? Another walk. Not a 'short' one like today.

What I must say though is that as we walked, the barn receding into the distance behind us it was just beautiful. The barn is so isolated that the wild is all around you. But no black cat today. However as I looked into the sky as we walked five buzzards circled in the sky above, I heard their cries before I saw them. Ears pricked I commented that it sounded like a bird of prey, then there they were. They are so incredibly regal. Followed by three dragonflies dancing in the air around us. You can't help but smile. The bizarre thing is that the pheasants, who tempt fate daily with giant metal vehicles, run like crazy things from you when you're on foot. I worry for their sanity, I really do.

Anyway, a hot bath currently runs and every single bubble has my name on it. Really, well if you look really closely....


Domster1974 said...

Walking is good, but you do have to pre-prepare for such a journey. I have quite the routine for my heels, prior to any distance. I blister so easily.

If you needed
* Making hot chocolate/herbal tea.
* Foot and calf massage.
* Baking.
* Running a bath.

You should have called ;op

Flibbertigibbet said...

I'm normally quite sensible about these things, I've walked further without a problem. But then I'd worn my proper boots!

You can bake??

Domster1974 said...

I can bake, but I may have to refer to a book depending on what you would like baked lol