Monday, 13 August 2007

Smiles Ahoy

Apparently my little village didn't appear on my taxi drivers sat nav. He had to resort to something called 'a map', made from paper. Looked a little antique. I was blessed with a chatty driver, my favourite kind, and spent most of the journey in giggles. I have no idea how it happens, but I always find myself engaged in the most random of conversations. Apparently my crown of being hit over the head by random objects is under threat. My driver was hit, on the head, by a male blow up doll. I worry that may beat my doodlebug tale.
We spent the rest of the journey comparing foreign swear words and him referring to me as posh totty. Excellent.
One of his elbows bent the wrong way which was faintly disconcerting when I noticed it out the corner of my eye. But he was a lovely driver and made handing over £13 slightly less painful, but only slightly mind!

When I left my appointment I noticed, on the pavement, that a wasp appeared to have caught a dragonfly. I saw these huge pellucid wings that caught the light. I almost wanted to get involved and separate them, but let nature take its course. Can't get those wings out of my mind though, somehow even more beautiful than the curled turquoise body.

I'm not the biggest fan of bus journeys and it was hard reading my book with all the windows open. Trying to hold shopping bags, a handbag and my book - not so easy. I'm struggling with my book anyway, just in content, I've never read D.H. Lawrence before and am finding it hard going. But I'm almost 350 pages in and will not be beaten, although I have no feeling for any of the characters thus far.

My bus stop is next to the beck in the village and the late brood of ducklings were weaving in and out of the water weeds as I alighted, along with a sole moorhen chick. They have to be the funniest critters with those giant feet which seem to be as big as their bodies, desperately chirping as they try to coordinate movement and keep up with Mum. Left me with quite a smile on my face.
Feels like a good day.


Domster1974 said...

Posh totty, now thats perfect

The bus thing, I am sure I am turning into a grumpy old man, the windows are always open, no matter how bloody cold it is outside, I just do not get it, I can only imagine, it makes sense as the smell of old man pee, or whatever may be over powering without freezing my ears off.

And finally anything that leaves a smile on your face is a fantastic thing

Flibbertigibbet said...

My Dad loves the bus, but then he gets to ride for free. I think I'd love it more if it were free. But then I love most things that are free.
Doesn't everyone!